Vodafone Launches 2018 Graduate Programme

19 Oct 2017 | 02.17 pm

Vodafone Launches 2018 Graduate Programme

New third level internship opportunities

19 Oct 2017 | 02.17 pm

Vodafone has launched its 2018 graduate programme by publishing research showing that work life balance and job satisfaction are the two most important aspects of a career for young people, with 37% saying that a good work life balance will be most important thing when choosing a future career, followed by job satisfaction at 26% and salary (21%).

The study interviewed students aged 15 to 24 and found, unsurprisingly, that 72% think technology will play a fundamental role in their future career and 90% believing it will have changed by the time they graduate.

The graduate programme has been restructured to provide even more opportunities to work at Vodafone and to prepare young adults for future careers. New additions to the programme include third level internships focused on providing students with a placement opportunity for two to six months as part of their college course, focusing on technical and digital skills. 

In response to growth in demand for technical skills, the 18-month programme has also been divided into two separate streams. One will continue to focus on commercial areas including marketing, finance and commercial operations.

A newly added stream will focus solely on technical and engineering disciplines, providing three six-month rotations across all aspect of technology within the business. This will allow technical graduates to experience a full product life-cycle during the programme. Given the changing nature of the work, thanks to the rapid progress of technology, both streams are designed to prepare young adults for a future which looks nothing like today.

Human resources director James Magill said: “We have restructured our work placement programmes to provide more opportunities for both third level students and graduates.  Those selected to take part will receive on the job training, one-to-one mentoring, exposure to all aspects of our business and have the chance to be part of a global community of Vodafone graduates.”

Applications can be made via the Vodafone website.

The survey threw up some interesting trends. As technology evolves, there are now jobs that didn’t exist previously. Vodafone asked respondents what their dream job would be from a selected list of ‘new’ jobs. Of those questioned, one in six said they would like to be a social media manager. Marketing and advertising (16%), communications (10%), education (10%), IT and software development (10%) are the favoured work roles among hose polled.

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