Viatel Links With eSentire For Cybersecurity

17 Jun 2019 | 11.55 am

Viatel Links With eSentire For Cybersecurity

Managed Detection and Response service

17 Jun 2019 | 11.55 am

Viatel, Ireland’s leading independent provider of solutions for connectivity, cloud and security requirements, has entered a partnership with eSentire to bring innovative cybersecurity services to the Irish market.

Viatel says it is looking to respond to the evolving nature of cybercrime and to leapfrog traditional techniques for managed security by partnering with eSentire for Managed Detection and Response (MDR).

eSentire will provide Viatel customers with full-spectrum visibility and constant dedicated threat detection and response, safeguarding their business from known and unknown threats across all assets.

The Data Protection Commissioner recently advised that data breach notifications doubled over the last year and rose more than three times the number of five years ago. The increase in breaches has led to a strong upsurge in cybersecurity spending in both the public and private sectors.

Viatel CTO Antonio Pogliani (pictured) commented: “Today’s announcement represents a significant technology advantage for our customers. Traditional security solutions mainly focus on known threats, but threats are evolving all the time. Technology alone cannot solve the problem.

“Through this partnership with eSentire, we will be able to address customers’ security needs through an innovative approach that combines best-in-breed technologies, including machine-learning, with the intelligence and agility of highly skilled security analysts.

“We are also delighted that the eSentire regional SOC is in Cork, which is great for our customers in that their data remains compliant with GDPR’s stringent data privacy rules.”

Chris Braden of eSentire said: “Due to the thriving cyber sector and breadth of available talent, our Cork-based SOC and our local market knowledge and presence makes us a natural partner for Viatel and businesses in Ireland.”

eSentire has c. 120 customers in ten European markets and also has operations in London.

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