Most SMEs Giving Corporate Gifts This Xmas

13 Nov 2017 | 12.38 pm

Most SMEs Giving Corporate Gifts This Xmas

Hampers the most popular gift, Musgrave MarketPlace

13 Nov 2017 | 12.38 pm

Irish SMEs are getting into the Christmas spirit this year, with 86% of them planning to purchase corporate gifts for clients, up 4% on 2016.

The finding was published this week in Musgrave Marketplace’s 2017 corporate gifting survey. The survey was conducted among 830 Irish SMEs as part of Musgrave’s ‘Christmas Made’ campaign, which is promoting corporate gift options in its branches and online.

Some 92% of business respondents told Musgrave that they give corporate gifts to strengthen relationships with clients. One in three plan to spend between €40 and €50 per client this Christmas, while the most stressful part of the process for SMEs is choosing what gifts to give. Around 27% of businesses are planning to spend between €60 and €100 on a corporate gift.

It’s not all about festive-tinged bonhomie, however. Before making a purchase, almost one-third (31%) of SMEs would consider how social-media-worthy the gift is, so as to increase the likelihood of picture perfect posts by their clients.

Finding a gift that’s suitable is the most stressful part of the process for 42%, up 5% from 2016. Almost one in five consider organising the delivery of gifts a difficult task, while 17% think it can be overly time-consuming.

The high costs associated with purchasing gifts is a concern for 15% of SMEs, while 7% told Musgrave that finding somewhere to buy the right gifts is the most difficult part of the seasonal activity.

Popular Gifts

Other findings in the Musgrave survey show that mixed food and alcohol hampers continue to rank as the most popular gift for corporate clients, with 45% of SME owners opting for them.

Over half (54%) of SMEs also say mixed hampers is the number one gift they would like to receive from clients this Christmas. Gifting alcohol also rates highly among SMEs, with 42% of small business owners now choosing wine, spirit or craft beers for their clients.

Chocolates were considered the best gift to give by 9% of respondents, while just 3% would opt for candles. When questioned on timings for sending corporate gifts, early to mid-December was the most popular period.

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