Radio Nova Launches Mobile Ad Platform For SMEs

21 Feb 2018 | 11.59 am

Radio Nova Launches Mobile Ad Platform For SMEs

Ad Messenger is a scrolling text ad platform

21 Feb 2018 | 11.59 am

Radio Nova is launching a new digital advertising product for businesses, using the Ad Messenger mobile platform.

The Dublin-based broadcaster is the first radio station in Ireland to offer the mobile app advertising platform to its clients. Ad Messenger has been taken up by print publishers such as Celtic Media Group, the Connaught Telegraph and the Meath Chronicle.

Ad Messenger provides a way for brands to advertise on mobile and tablet devices. It uses a scrolling text ad platform, consisting of up to 140 characters, that scroll across the screen twice in 30 seconds.

According to Radio Nova, the setup taps into the current interest amongst Nova’s clients for native digital advertising, comprising simple, text-based ads that don’t look like adverts.

Radio Nova successfully trialled the Ad Messenger platform to its clients and now intends to integrate the mobile ad platform into its active portfolio later in the year.

Ad Messenger allows Radio Nova to traffic programmatic advertising across a broad spectrum of local and national mobile websites, adding weight, targeting and brand extension to radio campaigns.

Garrett Gunnigle, sales director with Radio Nova, said that digital and radio advertising work very well together. “We can deliver brand awareness and call-to-action through radio advertising, broadening the penetration of a campaign among consumers through clever targeting of mobile advertising.

“We can target both Nova and non-Nova listeners by factors such as age, gender, area and interest segment, e.g. sports follows, users in the market for a new car or wealth professionals.”

Ad Messenger ads typically return an average CTR of 1.5%, 10 times more than standard mobile/desktop units, Gunnigle added. Ad Messenger is represented in Ireland by iBelieve.

iBelieve’s Dermot O’Reilly said that if businesses want to engage people on such a personal device, they have to come up with something different, such as Ad Messenger.

“Combining radio advertising with Ad Messenger is an exciting and innovative approach by Nova that is already enhancing the value for money for advertisers,” he added.


Photo: Kevin Brannigan, CEO of Radio Nova

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