NRF Launches Degree In Recruitment

06 Jul 2020 | 10.36 am

NRF Launches Degree In Recruitment

Unique honour’s degree enrolling in National College of Ireland

06 Jul 2020 | 10.36 am

The National Recruitment Federation (NRF) has created an honour’s degree in recruitment, which will be delivered by the IFSC-based National College of Ireland and is currently enrolling students.

The unique qualification is validated by Quality and Qualifications Ireland and is a full-time, three-year course. It will be rolled out in the apprenticeship learning model, whereby the recruitment executive, whether a school-leaver, new recruit or current employee, is retained by a recruitment agency and learns on the job as well as attending college one day a week.

The degree course is government funded, with the recruitment agency paying an annual registration fee for each apprentice enrolled. The degree in recruitment course begins in September 2020.

Geraldine King, CEO of the NRF, said that establishing a recognised degree qualification is “hugely significant” for standards within recruitment, as well as for career development and for the confidence of clients in their recruiters.

“The NRF wanted to instigate uniform standards across the industry and provide a qualification that will give holders a competitive edge, whether new to the industry or experienced recruiters wishing to validate and improve their knowledge,” King added.

Entry is subject to interview and participating recruitment agencies must provide a dedicated mentor for each apprentice, as work-based learning assessments will account for up to 50% of the overall course assessment.

It is envisaged that the new qualification will combine online and traditional on-campus learning, however the Covid-19 pandemic means that it will be conducted entirely online for the time being.

Most of the learning will take place in the workplace, but the apprentice will also attend National College of Ireland one day a week for the academic year, once third-level institutions reopen.

“This vocational degree will give candidates the knowledge and practical skills to succeed in recruitment and develop their career, whether starting out, progressing to management or considering a career change,” said Dr Colette Darcy, dean of the school of business at NCI in Dublin.


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