New Jobs Board For Fintech Sector

06 Feb 2018 | 11.11 am

New Jobs Board For Fintech Sector founded by Gerry Gorman and David Crowley

06 Feb 2018 | 11.11 am

David Crowley and Gerry Gorman have established to cater for people seeking employment in the fintech sector in Ireland.

“We see a huge gap in a specialised platform to promote the requirements of the growing fintech sector along with providing a one-stop shop for candidates who wish to move their career towards fintech,” said Crowley, chief executive of the startup.

The site lists various fintech third level educational courses on offer to students/career-changers and a section dedicated to showcasing upcoming fintech events.

“Our platform is being developed and supported by a multi-cultural and diverse team who each bring their own unique insight, culture and expertise to its rollout and future growth,” Crowley added.

Crowley previously founded Independent Financial Consultants, which provides consultancy on financial planning and wealth management to business owners and professional firms. He is also a founding partner and board member of Crossflow Payments Ireland, an integrated e-invoicing and supply chain finance platform.

Gerry Gorman has worked as a recruitment and sourcing specialist for more than 30 years. “The fintech sector will attract people serious about career development and interested in working within some of the world’s most exciting and innovative startups and established corporates,” said Gorman.

“ will grow organically within this expanding market with the aim of continually increasing our client offering and services.”


Photo: David Crowley (right) and Gerry Gorman.



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