Mercedes Unveils Third Gen CLS Coupé

09 Mar 2018 | 04.17 pm

Mercedes Unveils Third Gen CLS Coupé

The new model will go on sale in May or June

09 Mar 2018 | 04.17 pm

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled the latest version of its CLS Coupé, the third generation of the popular model that was first introduced in 2003.

The new CLS Coupé retrains that single louvre diamond grill and wide headlights design. It also has a low profile and frameless side windows, with two-section taillights and rear bumper with inset reflectors and registration plate.

The third-generation model can now seat five occupants inside and the boot has a 520-litre capacity. Other cabin features include individually adjustable 64-colour ambience lighting, illuminated air vents, hand-finished appearance upholstery, and air conditioning with colour-guided temperature control.

Sharing features in common with the S-Class, the new CLS also comes with an array of touchscreen infotainment, safety and driver assistance systems. Optional safety and driver assistance features include systems that assist in maintaining speed limits and one that prepares occupants for the anticipated noise should a collision occur.

Improved camera and radar systems provide an enhanced view of surrounding traffic while map and navigation data can be used to calculate driving behaviour.

A new engine line-up for the CLS initially comprises 6-cylinder, in-line diesel and petrol units, with 4MATIC models included in the offering.

Three diesel units are available at launch: a CLS 300d, along with a CLS350d 4MATIC and CLS400d 4MATIC. Following in early 2019 will be a CLS 220d version.

The 300d unit delivers 180kW/245hp and 500Nm torque. The 350d unit delivers 210kW/286hp and 600Nm torque, while the more powerful 400d version has 250kW/340hp and 700Nm torque.

The most powerful model is a CLS 450 4MATIC 6-cylinder petrol version. The CLS 450 4MATIC delivers 270kW/367hp, 500Nm torque, with combined fuel consumption of 7.5-litres/100km and CO2 emissions of 178g/km.

A dynamically set up steel comfort suspension is standard. Optionally available is a sporty setup, with continuously adjustable damping at the front and rear axles, with selectable comfort, sport and sport plus modes. Air suspension is also offered.

Ciaran Allen, sales manager for Mercedes-Benz passenger cars in Ireland, said that prices will be announced closer to the CLS’s market introduction in May or June.

“Our intention will be to hold CLS prices at a competitive level, consistent with market conditions and […] to offer value at all points across its model range.”

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