Kilsaran’s Vehicle Fleet Managed By MotionMetrics

03 Sep 2021 | 09.10 am

Kilsaran’s Vehicle Fleet Managed By MotionMetrics

Efficiencies for materials supplier’s 400-strong fleet

03 Sep 2021 | 09.10 am

Building materials supplier Kilsaran has signed up to MotionMetrics, a suite of fleet management tools, to  improve efficiencies in its 400-strong vehicle fleet.

The platform brings together critical information for the fleet manager on one screen, says the company, from fleet telematics, vehicle CCTV, vehicle checks, maintenance and tachograph management through to route planning. 

Cork-based MotionMetrics says that its solution is flexible, allowing users to add on tools ‘à la carte’ as their requirements and business needs evolve. Kilsaran, for example, is using four products from the menu — FleetMetrics, VisionMetrics, TachoMetrics and CheckMetrics.

Kilsaran transport manager Roy Hegarty said: “VisionMetrics allows our managers real-time visibility of all our vehicles. In the event of an incident, we can ascertain instantly where liability lies, which facilitates a speedy resolution for all parties, including our insurer.

“Meanwhile our drivers feel better protected by having evidence available, whereas up to now they could feel vulnerable from the perception that ‘the 40-tonne truck is always in the wrong’ ”.

MotionMetrics director Sean Kirwan added: “From the outset our goal was to deliver a more convenient fleet management offering to the fleet manager than was previously available – one that could replace multiple systems with one single solution, on one screen, with one cost for the fleet operator.

“Feedback from clients and the wider industry to date suggest we are meeting a real need in the sector.”

Kilsaran joins a list of clients in several industry sectors to make use of the platform, and Kirwan says he foresees accelerated organic growth this year “on foot of the positive real-world experience of these clients in working with our products”. 

Kilsaran specialises in making quality paving and walling, road surfacing materials, pre-mixed dry mortars, renders, screeds and ready-mixed concrete and blocks.

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