Interview: Glenn Cahill, New Relic 

31 Jul 2017 | 02.22 pm

Interview: Glenn Cahill, New Relic 

Self-awareness is the key tool in teaching people how to sell

31 Jul 2017 | 02.22 pm

Glenn Cahill (pictured), VP & GM New Relic International, started professional life as a telecoms engineer in South Africa, and has been an international sales leader for over 20 years.


What was your most memorable job?
I had a great job as a student at the Dorchester Hotel in London, where I was responsible for checking the quality of food on the back door. For reasons best known to themselves, they trusted me with making sure all the meat, fish and vegetables were of the highest quality. Challenging the Cockney delivery-drivers about their wares on a daily basis was character-building.

What do you enjoy about sales?
I love working with a diversity of people. We have 24 different nationalities represented in our sales team alone, and working together on challenging projects builds great relationships with colleagues and customers.

What makes a high-performance salesperson?
Key qualities are energy, focus and curiosity. If you are genuinely interested in understanding someone’s problems, they will engage with you. And if you commit yourself to find solutions, you will be successful.

How have you made New Relic more successful as a sales organisation?
Very simple – through hiring great people. We have grown this organisation in Dublin by over 50% in the past year, and the quality of the new people is frightening. They bring new skills and ideas, and challenge those here already to raise their game.

How have customers changed over the past few years?
Customers are self-serving more of the sales-cycle, and the sales person gets involved later. So we need to work harder to influence these customers through digital marketing and no-touch engagement before we speak to them.

How does New Relic compete as a challenger brand?
Flywheel marketing is a key asset: our customers love our products and they speak highly of New Relic.

What impact is technology having on the sales process?
Digital marketing based on good data is now essential to the sales process – your full business process must be captured in your CRM. As a leader, you need to drive that discipline in your sales teams.

How do you teach your team how to sell?
Self-awareness is the key tool in teaching people anything, and selling is no different. Coaching people on the gaps to their goals is the quickest way for them to achieve personal success.

What makes a good sales leader?
Belief. As a leader, you set the vision and support your people in achieving it, but you must be passionate about that vision if you expect people to follow you.

What advice do you have for other sales leaders?
Trust yourself, but be humble enough to listen. You are a sales leader because you have a vision and are driven to realise it. Your customers, peers and colleagues will tell you when it’s time to change. Psychologists call this ‘strong beliefs, weakly held’.




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