Interview: Ger Teahon, SalesSense

18 Nov 2017 | 08.27 am

Interview: Ger Teahon, SalesSense

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18 Nov 2017 | 08.27 am

Ger Teahon is the founder and CEO of SalesSense, which partners with global brands to deliver sales and service experiences that build loyalty and revenues. His experience spans nearly two decades delivering sales across the energy, telecoms, SaaS and education sectors. 


What do you enjoy about sales?
In the context of SalesSense, watching our people develop and grow both personally and professionally is what I most enjoy. People from varying backgrounds, ethnicities and academic levels have joined SalesSense, bought into our vision and culture and excelled. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone achieve professionally, and watching the positive impact that has on them and their families.

What makes a good high-performance salesperson?
Organisation, listening skills, attitude, patience, understanding, an ability to absorb detail quickly and a strong work ethic. Add a competitive nature and a desire to succeed and you have the right person.

What makes a good sales leader?
Passion, belief in people and knowledge. An openness to change, an understanding of the flow of numbers and the changes required to impact on current and future results is the difference between a good and a great sales leader.

What advice do you have for other sales leaders?
It is very important to find the time to think and allow information and ideas to percolate. Having the discipline to invest in yourself through reading, watching, attending and learning from peer groups and recognised organisations is a must.

How have you made SalesSense more successful as a sales organisation?
We have coupled a very successful field sales organisation with a world class customer engagement centre, where we are currently doubling capacity. When you are representing blue chip clients either face to face, over the phone or whatever medium the customer wants to engage with, you have to equip your brilliant people with brilliant technology.

How have customers changed in recent years?
People have more knowledge at their fingertips, a far greater ability to compare and an expectation that if they decide to go with you that you will make the customer journey as seamless as possible. While price is always a key driver in any sale, I believe customers appreciate value and a positive supported customer journey a lot more.

How does SalesSense compete in the marketplace?
Providing an omni-channel platform through our customer engagement centre and field sales channels has been a key driver. Creating and constantly evolving our people culture is one of the things we are most proud of. This is something that makes SalesSense unique both to our clients and our employees. We are also easy for clients to engage with and we are adaptable.

How does technology impact on your sales processes?
We have invested heavily in technology, from hand held devices and speech analytics to robust data analysis and contact optimisation technology. The investment has to be made to ensure we are delivering for our clients across our KPIs, and measuring our performance post sale in terms of customer experience.

How do you teach your team how to sell?
Over the years we have developed a ‘SalesSense Way’ of selling and a ‘SalesSense Way’ of managing. These are our go-to guides but we also encourage our people to be themselves, and to sell how they sell best within the framework. Different personalities sell in different ways.



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