Guest Blog: Christina Megannety, DIT MBA

07 Aug 2018 | 11.50 am

Guest Blog: Christina Megannety, DIT MBA

Juggling family life, work and an MBA course

07 Aug 2018 | 11.50 am

Christina Megannety, executive MBA student at DIT, explains how she juggles a day job, her family and studying part-time.


The benefits of lifelong learning are manifold, but for many it is the prospect of furthering our careers that prompts us to think about studying on a part-time basis. Returning to part-time study can seem daunting, especially when you factor in a demanding day job and personal commitments, but the benefits you accrue by embarking on a new learning journey can be transformational.

Time is like that old anecdote of the professor teaching his students. He fills a jar with rocks, pebbles and sand to illustrate that the jar is never full, even when it looks to be so.

Prioritisation is critical here, and clever use of time. The rocks are the big projects (family, work, MBA), the pebbles are the smaller things (projects, hobbies) and the sand is the ‘time thief.

We all have the rabbit hole of Instagram or Facebook, must-see box sets. Don’t let these distractions get in the way, use those spare minutes on the bus or waiting for a meeting to bookmark something on Google Scholar or scribble ideas down in a notebook. Subscribe or sign up for relevant online business publications and websites.

Procrastination is your enemy, so project manage backwards. How much time is it going to take to get the essay or project across the line? Be smart, look at what’s required, deconstruct it, and work out how much time you will realistically need.

Don’t let the time thieves get in the way of completing the work. Do a spreadsheet or chart of deadlines – there are a lot of competing interests here between group projects and individual assignments.

While you might have to put hobbies on hold, try not to neglect your health, physical and mental. Take some exercise, endeavour to eat well, and spend time with loved ones.

Communicate with fellow students, lecturers, others in your organisation who may have undertaken study. Let your managers know the pressures on your time. Explain that it won’t interfere with your work, but that you do have deadlines and a life outside of work.

Most of all, collaborate and communicate with fellow students- and not just in your group work. Networking is an essential part of the MBA in any case, and if everyone pools their resources then this can benefit everyone.  Setting up study groups to share helpful articles or papers can be very helpful. There is strength in numbers after all!

The DIT MBA programme is hosting an information coffee morning in DIT Aungier Street on August 14 at 8.30am.


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