Five Shorts Chase Virgin Media’s €35,000

21 Aug 2019 | 09.30 am

Five Shorts Chase Virgin Media’s €35,000

Cluster Fox Films wins competition

21 Aug 2019 | 09.30 am

Innocent Boy, a ten-minute short film by Cluster Fox Films, has been selected as the winner of the Virgin Media Discovers short film competition.

The film will screen as part of the Virgin Media Dublin International Film Festival next year and will broadcast on Virgin Media Television, as well as featuring on Virgin Media’s On Demand service.

The competition attracted 600 submissions to the contest and a jury panel picked a shortlist of five:

  1. And Taxes (Natasha Waugh):  A comedy short about a young woman who reads her own obituary in print. The world believes she has died and she can’t easily prove she’s still alive.
  2. Breech (Harp Media): Paudie, a bachelor farmer of simple pleasures. All day, he happily takes care of his cattle. At night, curtains firmly drawn, Paudie transforms into a beautiful woman, and dances alone.
  3. Innocent Boy (Cluster Fox Films): The story of  a young deaf Traveller boy’s love of his horse and the freedom he feels riding him bareback, in a silent world of unconditional acceptance.
  4. No Way, Not Me (Sharon Mannion): Lynn, a mid-30s mother of two struggling to keep it all together. On the surface, she has it all. But she’s suffering internally. A comedy-drama which offers a sideways glance at parenthood, and reluctance to accept mental health.
  5. Teatime (Avalon Films): Widowed Maureen Boyle (70s) loves her own space. She’s dedicated to the Tidy Towns committee and deeply concerned about her image in the village. How far will she go to control her family and her image?

Actor Adrian Dunbar, who chairs the judging panel, said: “The calibre of the submissions is simply fantastic. Their stories cover important and topical themes such as conforming to societal norms, the pressure to ‘have it all’ and the trials and tribulations of an ordinary life.”

Virgin Media vice president of commercial Paul Farrell added: “Ireland’s creative industry is an economic and cultural powerhouse. The high volume of entries to our competition was a clear indication and magnet for top industry professionals and the aspiring screenwriters who pitched their narratives.”

Cluster Box Films will receive €35,000 to fund production of the short.

Photo: John Connor (left) and Tiernan Williams of  Cluster Fox Films. (Pic: Chris Bellew /Fennell Photography)


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