Goodbye ‘Information Age’, Hello ‘Interconnected Era’

18 Jan 2018 | 10.00 am

Goodbye ‘Information Age’, Hello ‘Interconnected Era’

But jargon-happy Irish IT execs struggle with digital data overload

18 Jan 2018 | 10.00 am

IT executives love a fresh piece of jargon to chew on, and a survey carried out by data centre firm Equinix is championing a glistening new phrase du jour.

According to the survey of 103 “senior IT professionals and decision-makers in Irish-based businesses”, humankind has reached ‘The Interconnected Era’, which has replaced ‘The Information Age’.

Just over half (51%) of the IT executives surveyed by Equinix identified this era-defining shift. The description ‘Interconnected Era’ is one that Equinix itself has been enthusiastically promoting in the last few months. The firm recently published its Global Interconnection Index, measuring the growth of what it calls the world’s ‘Interconnection Bandwidth’.

In more down-to-earth findings, Equinix’s survey of IT specialists in Ireland showed that 80% of those who use the public internet to exchange data with employees, partners, customers and others outside of their core infrastructure are concerned about the security of their data.

Four out of five (79%) of those surveyed also said that they consider it important for their business to have direct interconnection on the same network with service providers such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft. As well as this, 89% of respondents agreed that it is important for their business to connect with external digital ecosystems in order to scale.

Some 11% said that interconnection was not important to scaling their business.

When asked to select the most important enablers of digital transformation, survey respondents identified interconnection with digital partners as one of the top three facilitators (57%), alongside the ability to transfer data (67%) and a hybrid-cloud infrastructure (58%).

Other findings in the Equinix survey show that 54% of senior IT decision makers say that the growth of external data sources, data locations and applications makes managing the digital side of their business significantly more complex.

Commenting on the survey, Maurice Mortell (pictured), managing director for Ireland, said that it highlighted the increasing interdependence of Irish businesses and the associated move towards interconnection as a key business enabler.

“The increasingly globalised economy requires businesses to have the ability to connect with their customers and partners faster than ever before. Locating their IT infrastructure in a data centre that physically connects customer and partner networks enables organisations to avail of faster and more secure private connections and take better advantage of the benefits of digital transformation,” he added.

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