Dublin Startup Secures Spot in Berlin Accelerator

14 Sep 2018 | 09.56 am

Dublin Startup Secures Spot in Berlin Accelerator

BeeInstant set for 12-week SAP and Techstars programme

14 Sep 2018 | 09.56 am

Dublin-based software company BeeInstant is one of 10 startups from around the world chosen this week to participate in the SAP.io Foundry startup programme in Berlin.

The SAP and Techstars programme lasts for 12 weeks and provides financial investment and mentorship for the participating startups.

Several similar SAP.io programmes are run in various locations worldwide; the Berlin initiative focuses on startups in the machine learning and artificial intelligence sectors.

BeeInstant was founded in 2017 by Vietnamese husband-and-wife entrepreneurs Trung Nguyen and Phuong Vu.

The startup has developed an automated anomaly detection platform for companies operating in e-commerce, online betting and music/video streaming. The platform crunches data using AI to predict potential technical issues.

Enterprise Ireland is providing funding and support to BeeInstant, which won the Dublin BIC Innovate Programme Showcase in 2017.

The founders said that their firm’s customer base currently extends across Europe and south-east Asia.

“Winning a place at Techstars Accelerator is like a moon shot for any startup founders at their early stage,” said Trung Nguyen (CEO).

Techstars originated in the US and runs startup accelerators, funds and other initiatives. Typically, participants on its programmes can secure equity funding of up to €100,000.

Among the Irish entrepreneurs involved in Techstars is Datahug co-founder Connor Murphy, who sold his firm for €12m. He is a managing director at SAP.io Foundry.

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