Digital Marketing Trends For 2017

12 Feb 2017 | 10.45 am

Digital Marketing Trends For 2017

Dublin Tech Summit takes place in CCD this week

12 Feb 2017 | 10.45 am

Digital marketing is one of the themes being addressed at the inaugural Dublin Tech Summit 2017 taking place in The Convention Centre Dublin on February 15 and 16. The line-up of over 200 speakers includes Till Faida, CEO of Adblock Plus, and Bessie Lee, CEO of WPP China.

eir Business is a founding partner of Ireland’s largest tech event this year and Iris Daly, Head of Digital at eir Business, identifies some of the digital market trends that will be explored at the event.

Native Advertising  Adblocking is having a major impact on digital ads and their effectiveness. To counter this trend, brands are turning to native advertising or sponsored content. However, so much content has been created that there is now the danger that any new content that brands create gets lost in the crush. “With that in mind we’re going to see brands developing content marketing strategies that are increasingly targeted and increasingly niche,” Daly predicts.

Live Video  Social media heavy-hitters have been rolling out YouTube Live, Facebook Live and Instagram Live. In Daly’s view, these developments set the scene for significant adoption of live video by brands in 2017.

Virtual and Augmented Reality  Facebook and YouTube have introduced 360 degree video, which is used by travel and property companies to give consumers virtual tours of places or houses. “We can expect to see a shift towards immersive marketing this year where more of our senses are being engaged,” says Daly.

Email Marketing  Marketing automation and email  platforms now integrate with most other marketing platforms, so brands now have access to social, content, and behavioural insights that can be utilised to create personalised messages.

Mobile  Daly expects more and more brands to create mobile-first strategies. “From local search to ‘showrooming’ to connecting with customers at a time and place that’s convenient to them, there is every reason for brands to develop a mobile strategy and no reason not to.”

DTS Networking

Dublin Tech Summit organisers are expecting over 10,000 attendees to the two-day event, and they claim that two-thirds of delegates are arriving from overseas.

The conference has placed an emphasis on B2B networking and have developed a DTS app, which attendees can download to enable them to reach out to each other ahead of the event. There is also an online meeting scheduling platform to enable meetups at the conference.

Dublin Tech Summit Speaker Schedule

Bill Archer, managing director of eir Business commented: “DTS provides the perfect platform to attract global thought leaders and influencers to Dublin, and that is why eir Business is delighted to partner with the event as a founding partner. DTS has the potential to showcase Dublin as a global technology hub and we are genuinely excited to play an active part in that.”

Other Tech Summit partners include Sungard, Salesforce, Indeed,  Intel, Accenture, New Relic, Datahug, Oracle, CityJet, Aer Lingus, Wrike, Hibernia REIT, 3D4 Medical and Matheson.


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