Dell’s Latest Latitude Ready For 5G

03 Jan 2020 | 10.39 am

Dell’s Latest Latitude Ready For 5G

15-inch laptop for frequent fliers

03 Jan 2020 | 10.39 am

Dell has introduced the new series of its Latitude 9000 laptops, claiming the longest battery life of any business 15-inch together with a rake of new features.

According to Dell, the Latitude 9510 (pictured) is the world’s smallest and lightest commercial 15-inch PC, weighing in at 1.45 kilos.

The model also features Intel WiFi 6 (Gig+) and 5G mobile broadband capabilities, incorporating 5G antennas into the speakers to retain the full display. The power under the hood comes from the tenth generation Intel Core i7 processors.

The latest Latitude also incorporates automated, AI-based “optimisation technology”, which the company says “works behind the scenes to help reduce lags, delays and frustration”.

Among the benefits are faster launching of frequently-used applications, quicker switching between applications, improved battery life management’, intelligent audio to eliminate interference and echo especially during conference calls, and an express charge feature that can pump up the battery to 35% charge in 20 minutes if it runs low while on the run.

And that longest battery lifetime? The target is 30 hours when using these features and with normal use.

Dell is also launching its new XPS 13, which has a 13.4-inch display with InfinityEdge in an 11-inch form factor (the size that fits an airplane tray). It too comes with the tenth generation Intel Core chip, a larger touchpad than before, and an edge to edge keyboard.

The XPS 13 will be available in Ireland from February 4, with the Latitude 9510 arriving from March 26.


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