Connectify Can Help With Google Home Devices

31 Jul 2020 | 01.44 pm

Connectify Can Help With Google Home Devices

Get your Nest, Hub, TV etc working together

31 Jul 2020 | 01.44 pm

Connectify, a new Dublin-based startup, promises to take the complexity out of setting up and controlling smart devices  such as Google Home and Home Hub.

Chief executive Ciaran McGowan said: “You know that slight sense of dread you feel when selecting, setting up and maintaining a smart device? Well, that’s going to be a thing of the past. 

“Our ambition is to break down barriers to technology and make smart products accessible to everyone, by providing the products that consumers and business need and offering expert technical support that makes setup, maintenance and problem solving hassle free.”

McGowan describes Connectify as a ‘hub’ for smart technology bundles and support, and says the service is launching with four product bundles, with more to come.

The four on offer to start are: 

  • Starter Hub: For those who want to dabble in connected devices with a Google Home, a smart plug and light bulb included in the pack.
  • Entertainment: Cast, connect and command your TV.
  • Safe & Secure: Products controlled from your phone inside and outside the home. Includes a Nest doorbell and external camera and a Nest smoke alarm.
  • Fitness & Health: Listen to work-out music, monitor fitness and track health with Samsung Gear Fit, Galaxy Buds and a Eufy Smart Scale.

Coming soon will be Gamer Hub, which McGowan describes as a “bundle designed by gamers, for gamers”, and includes a console and accessories.

Connectify says its point of difference lies in its customer support which, for the princely sum of €30, gives the buyer access to a virtual support team for 12 months from the date of purchase, and which will ensure optimal assistance “to help them set up and get the most out of their new products”.

The company has been founded by Ciaran McGowan, Nicola Murphy and Simon Joly (pictured). 


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