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Bank of Ireland Economic Pulse

Budget 2018: Overview From KPMG

Download KPMG's analysis of Finance Bill 2017, with Budget 2018 summary

Budget 2018 – Tax Calculator

Budget 2018 – what are the tax implications for you? KPMG's easy-to-use calculator will help you to quickly assess your bottom line.

Budget 2018: Business Tax

New €300 million Brexit Loan Scheme

Budget 2018: Property And Construction

Commercial property stamp duty raised from 2% to 6%

Budget 2018: Personal Tax Issues

There are welcome changes to income tax band marginal rates in Budget 2018

Budget 2018: Employee Tax Issues

KPMG's Eric Wallace welcomes the new share-based remuneration scheme

Budget 2018: VAT And Other Indirect Taxes

New sugar tax on the way from April 2018

Budget 2018: Taxing The Digital Economy

Irish firms need to make their voices heard in the EU/OECD digital economy tax debates

Budget 2018: International Tax Strategy

Minister commits Ireland to highest international tax standards

Budget 2018: Consultation On Ireland’s Corporation Tax Code 

Review of Ireland’s transfer pricing regime