Budget 2019: Overview And Insight From KPMG

Budget 2019 is a mixture of tax increases and modest tax reductions

KPMG Budget 2019 Calculator

Budget 2019 – what are the tax implications for you? KPMG's easy-to-use calculator will help you to quickly assess your bottom line.

Budget 2019: The Lowdown On Personal Tax

There's no sign of the USC wrapping up, while income tax bands were also revised

Budget 2019: Employment Tax Issues

Increase in Employer PRSI

Budget 2019: Property And Construction

Interest relief for mortgages on private rental accommodation is fully restored

Budget 2019: Business Taxes And Incentives

The term of several reliefs and incentives has been extended

Budget 2019: International Tax

CFC rules will add to burden on business

Budget 2019: VAT And Other Indirect Taxes

Tourism and hospitality sector sees its VAT hiked from 9% to 13.5%

Budget 2019: Transfer Pricing

Reform will impact Irish based businesses

Budget 2019: Brexit Planning

Budget 2019 was prepared with the assumption of an orderly Brexit