Businesses Urged To Secure Customs Number

19 Apr 2019 | 10.15 am

Businesses Urged To Secure Customs Number

EORI number required for UK trade post-Brexit

19 Apr 2019 | 10.15 am

The government is urging exporting Irish businesses to register with Revenue for a customs number, which they will need if they want to continue trading with the UK after Brexit.

Businesses that intend to import or export to the UK post-Brexit can only do so with a customs number called an Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) number. Revenue has written to more than 70,000 businesses in recent weeks alerting them to this requirement.

An EORI number is already used by any business trading with a non-European Union (EU) country, and is an EU customs requirement for trading with third countries. If a business does not have an EORI number post-Brexit, it will not be able to move its goods.

Business minister Heather  Humphreys (pictured) said that around one in four businesses in Ireland that trade with the UK have registered with Revenue for their EORI number. “Be they a local retailer who buys their fresh and frozen goods from a UK supplier, or a restaurant owner who sources key ingredients from the UK, they will need their number to protect their business from delays and other Brexit impacts,” she said.

A recent survey of businesses carried out by Chartered Accountants Ireland shows that almost half of enterprises in both Ireland and Northern Ireland have no plans at all in place in the event that the UK crashes out of the EU without a deal.

CAI president Feargal McCormack stated: “We are very concerned that a no-deal Brexit is still very much a possibility on April 12 and we are recommending that traders in Ireland and the UK do three relatively straightforward things over the next few days so they have at least have some contingency plan in place.

CAI is advising that Irish and UK businesses that trade with each other need to now:

  • Register online with the HMRC or Revenue for an EORI number – it takes a few minutes to apply and a number should issue immediately or within 3 working days if checks are needed.
  • Inform your customers in the UK (or further afield if you are using the UK as a landbridge) that they may experience delays in receiving your product because of supply chain disruption
  • Ensure that you have a line of credit to deal with the customs duties that will arise on imports from the UK or Ireland.

Customs Procedures

Minister of state Pat Breen also called on businesses to decide whether they plan to carry out customs procedures themselves or use a customs agent to act on their behalf.

“Businesses who move their goods to or from mainland Europe using the UK landbridge need to be aware that customs procedures apply to them post Brexit,” said Breen.

“There is a simplified transit customs process for goods using the landbridge, but to use it businesses must put in place a Revenue-approved, comprehensive financial guarantee.

“This process can take time, so I urge businesses to start by consulting with their financial provider and Revenue straight away. Alternatively, business can engage a customs agent or logistics company to do so.”

Businesses can avail of online customs training through Enterprise Ireland’s website to find out more about key customs concepts, documentation and processes. The training takes about 45 minutes to complete.






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