Applegreen’s Multi-Faceted CSR Approach

22 Aug 2019 | 02.19 pm

Applegreen’s Multi-Faceted CSR Approach

'Our focus for 2019 is supporting Ireland's Children'

22 Aug 2019 | 02.19 pm

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Corporate Social Responsibility has always been a core part of the Applegreen DNA. Through a combination of environmental initiatives, charity partnerships and local sponsorship, the company aims to deliver tangible and visible benefit to the communities that both Applegreen and its charity partners serve.


In 2018, an impressive c.€750,000 was donated by Applegreen staff and customers to Irish charities. Every time a customer makes a purchase in-store, 1c is donated to the Applegreen Charitable Fund at no extra cost to the customer. As the business has grown, so has the size of these donations. Over the past decade, €3 million has been raised to support the incredible work done by these charitable organisations every day.

The Applegreen Blossom Fund was established in 2018 with the Irish Youth Foundation to support not-for-profit, voluntary and charitable organisations that assist for children living in disadvantaged circumstances. In 2018/2019, the Blossom Fund supported 62 projects across Ireland. These projects ranged from healthy eating and fitness focused education programmes to kick boxing and circus performance.

Employees of Applegreen embrace the culture of giving back and are motivated by the opportunities of working with the Applegreen charities, creating a spirit of positive teamwork. Colleagues support one another to raise money by undertaking activities, such as Marathons, Cycles, Charity Balls, Charity Concerts, Lip Sync Battles and Mountain Climbs.

In-store donation days encourage customers and staff to partake in fundraising through charity cycles or other challenges. On these occasions, customers can also donate at the till. In addition to this, through the Applegreen Rewards programme, customers can convert their Loyalty points into donations for any of the charity partners.


Across Applegreen, consideration of environmental impacts is central to how the company does business. Through the harvesting of rainwater from the forecourt canopy which is used for the car washes, Applegreen significantly reduces water consumption and energy usage. This used water is then cleaned via the water recycling centre and reused.

Applegreen also aims to use environmentally friendly suppliers. For example, Applegreen only uses Tierra Lavazza in all its coffee machines. This is 100% Rainforest Alliance coffee, which is both environmentally friendly and practices non-exploitation of the workforce.

Food waste is another major focus for Applegreen. In 2018, the company partnered with FoodCloud to support and facilitate the redistribution of surplus food and help reduce food waste. By using the vans funded by Applegreen, 444 tonnes of surplus food have been rescued.

During 2018, Applegreen introduced its first fully recyclable takeaway coffee cup and also introduced its first reusable cup. Applegreen currently offers customers 15c off their coffee when they use a reusable cup, and many stores also have facilities to wash reusable cups next to the coffee machine.

Local Sponsorship

Applegreen is dedicated to give back to the communities in which it does business. Through the Local Sponsorship Fund, stores decide on a local community group that they want to support. Many stores choose to support sports clubs for the young people in their community, enabling Applegreen to directly support their customers in their daily lives.

Photo: Appplegreen and its charity partners celebrate donations of over E3 million in the past decade


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