Ammeon To Create 100 Jobs

22 Feb 2018 | 10.09 am

Ammeon To Create 100 Jobs

Irish IT firm is looking for software engineers

22 Feb 2018 | 10.09 am

Ammeon, an Irish IT services and consulting company, is to create 100 new jobs over the next 18 months as it expands its software engineering and consulting divisions.

The firm was founded in 2003 by Fred Jones, Rory MacHale and Clive Hannon, the trio having previously worked together at UK-based IT business Logica.

Ammeon currently employs more than 165 people, with the majority based in the company’s Dublin city centre headquarters. The business also operates UK and European offices.

Ammeon’s clients include financial institutions, telecommunication providers, automotive, transportation, government organisations, as well as the European Space Agency.

Ammeon posted revenue of €16m in 2016, up by 4% on 2015. An increase in administration expenses dented 2016 net profits, which, at €449,000, were half what they were the year before. Ammeon employed 155 staff in 2016, earning an average salary of €58,000.

Enterprise Ireland, which has invested at least €660,000 into Ammeon in previous years, is backing its current expansion.

Fred Jones (pictured), CEO of Ammeon, said his firm has a large team of professional service consultants focused on accelerating IT delivery and innovation. “In this rapidly changing landscape, IT acceleration is the road to survival and companies need a strategy to arrive at a future where they are relevant and still in business,” he added.

Ammeon is already hiring for the 100 positions and is looking for experienced engineers and new graduates to join its software engineering division.

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