Allianz Taps FF Legend In New Commercial

15 Mar 2019 | 02.50 pm

Allianz Taps FF Legend In New Commercial

Donogh O’Malley is recreated

15 Mar 2019 | 02.50 pm

Allianz has launched a new TV commercial campaign centred on ‘crucial moments of courage that transformed Irish society’.

The German insurance company’s first ad recreates the speech by Fianna Fáil politician Donogh O’Malley, Minister of Education, who in 1966  announced free secondary school education for all children.

His son Daragh O’Malley plays the role of his father in the ad. Allianz has also produced a 10 minute video that recreates the speech in full.

The advertising slogan for the campaign is ‘We Cover Courage’. Allianz CEO Sean McGrath explained the idea behind the commercial as follows:

“Reflecting on the little and big acts of courage undertaken by our customers on a daily basis as they go about their lives, Allianz Ireland wants to recognise people whose courage brought major changes both for themselves and Irish society.

“With one statement, Minister O’Malley made free secondary education a reality. The Minister for Education had gone out on a limb, unbeknownst to the government behind him, to make a stand which brought about seismic change in our society.

“It can be easy to overlook the huge courage it took to announce this, but he believed this would help us overcome poverty, and once announced it could not be taken back”

The ad was made by creative agency In the Company of Huskies.



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