Alliance Urges Speedier Insurance Reform

10 Apr 2019 | 01.51 pm

Alliance Urges Speedier Insurance Reform

Judicial Council Bill tied up in Senate for 681 days and counting

10 Apr 2019 | 01.51 pm

Former High Court president Nicholas Kearns has urged the government to act on insurance reform as policyholders around the country are suffering.

Kearns (pictured), chairman of the Personal Injuries Commission, made the comment at a Personal Injuries Assessment Board conference today.

Peter Boland, spokesman for the Alliance for Insurance Reform, said that his group echoed Kearns’ sfrustration.

“The Judicial Council Bill which Mr Kearns recommended would recalibrate the Book of Quantum has been sitting in the Seanad for 681 days,” Boland stated.

“The First Report of the Cost of Insurance Working Group was published 821 days ago but a key recommendation for a dedicated Garda Fraud Unit is no closer today

“In the meantime, liability insurance premiums are soaring, fraudulent claims continue and insurance companies are reporting big profits. The only losers are the hundreds and thousands of community groups, charities and small businesses who are being crippled by increasing costs.”

The Alliance comprises 26 civic and business organisations, representing over 36,000 members, 639,000 employees and 43,000 volunteers.

AIR is calling for a government action plan on with urgent deadlines overseen at the highest political level. The lobby group says the top three priorities should be:

  • setting up the Judicial Council with a mandate to recalibrate the Book of Quantum to reflect international norms and levels already established by the Court of Appeal
  • the establishment of a dedicated Garda Insurance Fraud Unit
  • a commitment by insurers to a schedule of premium reductions as the necessary reforms are made.


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